We are thrilled to sit down with the founders of Tuckernuck, an online lifestyle destination and boutique based out of Washington, DC, where you can discover classic yet unique apparel and gifts, curated for a fun-filled life. Founders September, Jocelyn and Maddy all grew up together summering on Nantucket (which is how Tuckernuck got its name and was born!). Pam has personally shopped at Tuckernuck for years and loves their edit as well as their timeless private label collections. Read on to learn more about the journey of these three female founders, as they share what's inspiring them right now as working moms, their favorite family travel traditions, and where they plan on taking their Pamela Munson bags this summer. 

You are in your tenth year at Tuckernuck. Congratulations!  Describe the early days, and what motivated you to launch Tuckernuck?

Founders: There was nowhere inspirational for us to shop, where we could find classic yet unique pieces. Department stores were overwhelming, and boutiques with interesting brands could only be found in special destinations, not online. So we rolled up our sleeves and built a retail destination with fun, aspirational content and great products. We curated a unique collection of both new brands to discover and familiar names to revisit. Turns out, other people craved the same shopping! Here we are still curating 10 years later, and also designing our own labels, Tuckernuck and Tnuck Sport.

What inspires you all?  Many of Pam’s designs are inspired by childhood travel memories and time with her family. Do you have a go-to source of inspiration?

Founders: We get inspired by so many things–travel, family photos, our friends, art, and interior design. If you open your mind and eyes, you can find inspiration all around you.

Maddy & Jocelyn: We traveled to a different country every June with our parents and our two brothers, often staying at BnBs or family-owned hotels. We felt like the Griswolds from National Lampoon's European Vacation. The memories are unforgettable, from jumping off trains in Spain to staying at Pig Farms in England. We bonded (and fought!) a lot on those trips, but we remember them vividly. 

Can you share with us one of your family travel traditions?  What puts you at ease and ready to relax?

Maddy & Jocelyn: Being from DC, there was nothing like escaping the muggy August heat for cool New England breezes in Nantucket. To this day, there’s something about being on an island that really gets us into vacation mode. You feel fully detached from reality. Nantucket makes us feel like kids again. From bike rides to beach bonfires, the nostalgia hits right when we walk off the ferry.

We have to ask: what’s in your bag?  Tell us about your everyday essentials in your Pamela Munson bag. 

September: My phone, keys, sunglasses, credit card and Buxom Power-Full Plump Lip Balm.  

How has your style changed over the years?

Jocelyn: My 20s in New York were spent mainly in the office, wearing a suit as an investment banker. I loved the elegance of a clean suit and the beautiful fabrics from places like Ralph Lauren. When I wasn’t in the office, I was a little too influenced by fashion trends. Over the years, I’ve learned it’s best to invest in some timeless, flattering pieces to build a classic wardrobe foundation and wear what makes you feel most confident. I always add an unexpected twist to my outfits, out of instinct. I don’t like when things are too perfect.  

Tuckernuck has such a classic aesthetic with that something 'extra.' What are your favorite styles from our Spring 2022 Collection? 

September: In addition to the styles we selected, The Gardner Tote is a very cool take on a classic, old school canvas tote. Mixing in leather and wicker accents really elevates it. 

How will you be styling your Pamela Munson handbag for the spring season?

September: The bags complement any sundress. Some of our favorite dress designers we’re carrying this summer that pair particularly well with Pamela Munson include Sue Sartor, Borgo de Nor, Pink City Prints, Loretta Caponi, and Hunter Bell. Add some gold hoops and espadrilles and you’ve got yourself a look. 

If you could take your new Pamela Munson handbag anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? 

We’re all craving trips abroad this summer! Maddy: Saint Jean Cap Ferrat,  Jocelyn: Rio, September: Santorini

As a fellow female-founded brand, what do you feel has helped shape your brand the most in the fashion space, especially during the uncertain times of 2020 – 2021? Any advice you have taken that has helped you build Tuckernuck?

Jocelyn: Knowing our customers and adjusting our assortment to their needs, while still staying true to our brand of classic, unique pieces. Whatever we’re craving is usually what our customers are craving. We constantly try to think of what we’re doing, and therefore what we need to wear. For every item we select or design, we have a place in mind where we are wearing it. This commitment has allowed us to be able to speak authentically and relevantly. 

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