Interview with Elizabeth Pash, Founder of Elizabeth Pash Interiors & Antiques

Raised in Washington, D.C., New York based Interior Designer, Elizabeth Pash began her career at the Smithsonian Institution before moving to New York. Elizabeth studied antiques, furniture construction, and the history of design at NYU and Parsons School of Design.  Elizabeth opened her first boutique in New York City in 2007, and now has locations in the New York Design Center and in Locust Valley, New York. 

Fluent in French, Elizabeth sources much of her beautiful collection in France, and finds unique and striking pieces in London and other venues across Europe and the United States. She lives in New York City with her husband and four children and is constantly inspired by her love of Travel and ability to mix vintage and modern pieces to create timeless interiors in whatever project she tackles. We caught up with Elizabeth to hear about her favorite Pamela Munson designs, summer plans, and design tips below! 

Tell us about your business and career trajectory.

I took baby steps when starting my businessVarious stages of my life (living and studying in France, working for the Smithsonian, working at Carnegie Hill Antiques in New York , taking classes at Parsons School of Design, NYU, New York School of  Interior Design) led to my love of art, antiques and interiors. I began with a small space in an antique center in New York CityI was lucky to become one of the early dealers to exhibit on, and then opened a big space in the 1stdibs showroom at the New York Design Center. Since owning a shop and interior design go hand in hand, my design business grew as I became more established as a shop ownerIn 2013, I opened my second  location, my shop in Locust Valley.

What inspires you? Many of Pam’s designs are inspired by childhood travel memories and time with her family, do you have a go-to source of inspiration?

I find so much inspiration in travelIt is so important to get out of our routine and have a change  of sceneryIt clears  the mind and opens us to new ideasIt could  be colors, pattern,  architectureThere is always a  takeawayI am fortunate to belong to some professional organizations,  The Leaders of Design Council and Design Leadership NetworkOne of the benefits of these groups is the opportunity for travel. I have been to places I may not have gone to on my own, such as Prague and Brugge.  I learn from my colleagues and find inspiration on these special trips. 

Do you have any treasured travel memories with your family? Or destinations you keep going back to? Where do you go and what was your favorite memory?

France, especially  Paris, is my favorite destination  I lived in France as student and continue to travel there at least  once a year. I have loved taking my family there many  times, exposing  them  to the rich history  and culture. 

Can you share with us one of your family travel traditions? What puts you at ease and ready to relax?

A favorite travel memory was a family trip to Anguilla in  2021.  The Covid  restrictions were still in place  and Anguilla  was  especially very rigid.   We were not  allowed  to  leave our room  the first night.  At first, we  thought this would be terrible, but it  turned out  to be so much fun.  We ordered a  room  service  feast  and loved being relaxed, settling into the “island vibe.”  We may make this a tradition on future trips! 

We have to ask: what’s in your bag? Tell us about your everyday essentials in your Pamela Munson handbag.

Chanel lipstick, cell phone, YSL le touché éclat for touch ups on the goSometimes when I am on the go, I will bring a Perfect bar, my favorite energy bar.

How has your style changed over the years?

I have remained pretty consistent in my love of antiques, but have over time added some  mid-century modern pieces,  contemporary art and lightingThe eye  needs  variety so a room needs different periods,  textures, colors.

What is your favorite style from our Summer Collection?  

I am loving the Market ToteGreat for work, travel or beachI also love One Fish, Two Fish. 

Straw is such a great summer staple – how will you be styling your Pamela Munson handbag in these warmer months?

I chose the Pink Hydrangea bag from the Schumacher Collaboration, because it will give a pop of color to any summer whites and neutral outfits!  

If you could take your new Pamela Munson handbag anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Paris...obviouslyOr perhaps Capri! 

As a fellow female founded brand, what do you feel as helped shape your brand the most in the in the Interior space especially during the uncertain times of 2020 – 2021 and/or any advice you have taken that has helped you build your brand?  

I stayed true to my vision and believed that homes were more important than ever. They provide a sense of stability and belonging, and so many families were back together, spending all their time at home. I was invited to a “Shop Talk” by Veranda magazine that was live on Veranda’s Instagram feed. I also did an Instagram Live tour my house with House BeautifulThrough these and other means, I stayed connected and even found new clients. 

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