Interview with Kathy Lee, Editorial Director at The Zoe Report

Get to know Kathy Lee, Editorial Director at The Zoe Report.  Pam first met Kathy in 2018 during a ‘desk-side’ meeting when Kathy was a senior editor at Cosmopolitan magazine.  It was one of Pam’s first connections with a major fashion publication presenting her new line and Kathy has been a gracious supporter ever since!  Kathy is a dynamic woman who gracefully balances work and family.  We know you will enjoy learning about her impressive career path at legacy fashion publications, beloved travel memories and, of course, what’s in her Pamela Munson handbag.   

Tell us about your career trajectory.

My first paid job in fashion was at Adam Lippes, serving as the in-house press coordinator and managing wholesale accounts for the women’s collection.  It was a great learning experience, being exposed to multiple aspects of running a fashion brand, and extremely useful to help me realize what I wanted to pursue next.  

More than the tangible element, I was drawn to the narrative told through clothing, accessories, and jewelry.  Adam was gracious to support me in this path by connecting me with his contacts at notable fashion publications such as Vogue, Elle, and W magazine.  My first job in editorial was as the fashion assistant at W.  I learned tremendously at W and it was quite a boot camp.  I forged my strongest bonds with colleagues here, and although I’ve never worked so much, I’ve also never had so much fun working alongside passionate and fun fashion nerds like myself.  

Thereafter, I went on to Town & Country as the associate accessories editor, discovering amazing luxury shoes and handbags for photoshoots and diving into the fine jewelry world.  I was given the opportunity to style my own shoots and oversee The Invaluable page.  While working here, I met my husband and had my first child.  I decided not to return to work and took some time off to experience motherhood in all its glory.  

After some time, my former colleague from W contacted me to join her to be part of the team for Cosmopolitan’s relaunch.  I stayed at Hearst for 7 years working across multiple women's titles, and just took the helm at The Zoe Report to lead editorial content and relaunch the brand.  

What inspires you?  Many of Pam’s designs are inspired by childhood travel memories and time with her family, do you have a go-to source of inspiration? 

So many things inspire me!  I am drawn to environments, such as nature and architecture, and people — different cultures, customs, way of dressing.  I like what is different and beyond my usual ecosystem.  

Do you have any treasured travel destinations from your childhood? Where did you go and what was your favorite memory?

I grew up camping in California, and the place I daydream about often is Sequoia National Park.  Sequoia trees are simply magnificent, and you feel so small; the smell of pine and fresh air are just intoxicating.  It's a sensorial experience!   

Can you share with us one of your family travel traditions?  What puts you at ease and ready to relax?

This isn't much of a tradition versus a necessity:  pack light.  That proverbial saying always rings in my mind:  One thing that distinguishes a traveler and a tourist is the size of their luggage.  Overall, seeing less things makes me relax so in a sense this mantra puts me at ease when on vacations, and at home.  

We have to ask: what’s in your bag?  Tell us about your essentials in your Pamela Munson bag. 

Since COVID, my bag is fuller with all the antibacterial products which include a Schwanen Garten Rinse-Free Hand Wash Spray and EO lavender hand sanitizing wipes.  My other necessities are aquaphor healing ointment for chapped lips and dry hands, Bulgari Serpenti Forever Card Holder, Gucci horseshoe key ring with too many keys, my new Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, and Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in bold blackberry.  

What’s your favorite handbag from our Resort 2021 Collection?

That's so hard to choose!  I love straw bags!  I think one that fits my lifestyle best is the Petite Isla Bahia Basket Lady Bag — I love the mix of leather and straw to make it versatile for both city and beach living.  

Straw isn’t solely reserved for summer or beach getaways – how do you style your Pamela Munson handbag for every day?

I think it's about working with different textures.  Since this one includes navy leather, I can style with anything from my leather jacket or pants to my black moto boots, as long as the clothing is a bit softer and fluid to complement the woven straw. 

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